India is country of contrasts! While it has 53 billionaires, it also has an estimated 17 million child labourers. The country is home to some of the top 10 rich in the world. But it also homes almost 3 million children living on the streets. In such a scenario, the statement "Children are the future of the nation" stops making sense! In fact it sounds like an ominous prophecy.only Education comes forward as an answer. Because it is only education that is the right place to start, no matter which problem is being addressed - healthcare, poverty, population control, unemployment or human rights.

who are deprived of even the basic necessities in life, require our support and above all a little care to live a dignified life. This Support can be given to them by generous contributions from caring people like you. Through your unique connection with the child, you will see how you can lead to extraordinary and lasting, positive changes in the lives of such children and their families.

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